Research Paper Critique Template


A critique is an evaluation or analysis of a piece of work, such as a book, movie, artwork, research paper, or any creative or scholarly endeavour. When conducting a critique, you'll want to consider various elements and ask specific questions to guide your analysis.

Critiquing a research paper involves a systematic evaluation across several key steps:

  1. Begin by scrutinising the title and abstract for clarity, engagement, and alignment with the paper's content.
  2. Evaluate the introduction's clarity in stating research questions and the comprehensiveness of the literature review.
  3. In the methodology section, assess the appropriateness of the research design, sampling, and data collection methods.
  4. Examine the presentation of results for clarity and statistical significance interpretation.
  5. Evaluate the discussion for coherence, acknowledgment of limitations, and implications.
  6. Confirm that the conclusion aligns with objectives and consider the paper's contributions and potential impact.
  7. Scrutinise the references for accuracy, quality, and diversity of sources.
  8. Provide an overall assessment, considering coherence, engagement, and contributions, and conclude by offering constructive recommendations for improvement in methodology, presentation, and discussion, enhancing the paper's overall quality and scholarly impact.

👩🏽‍🏫 This bundle includes:

  • 📄 17 A4 pages, in PDF format
  • ⏰ Task checklist for Step 1 to Step 9, including guidelines
  • 🖊 Brainstorm gaps for idealisation of thoughts
  • 📑 Guidelines for critiquing a quantitative research study
  • 📁 Vocabulary & sentence starters to enhance academic writing and support thoughts

Use this template in FOUR unique ways:

  1. 📩 Download onto a tablet or laptop and use an app like Notability or Evernote to digitally write straight onto the template
  2. 🖨 Print a copy of the essay planner and insert into a paper sleeve or laminate each sheet. You now have a wipeable product, which will allow you to write straight onto the page + wipe it clean for every application.
  3. 📝 Send the template to binders to be printed & use directly
  4. 📄 Convert to Word and type directly onto the document

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🎬 Watch the video below for tips on how to read critically

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Research Paper Critique Template

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